We are doing something very special at Dave Friedman Team. We’ve built one of the highest production teams in the country by assembling a group of highly driven, success hungry professionals. We are looking for people who will accept and adopt our methods for the Real Estate business, client service, and team work. We will lead to the path to a enjoyable career and you will enjoy a high rate of success…plain and simple.

    In our business, success and a high rate of pay go hand in hand. Nothing in this business stays the same and if you don’t have a systemized business approach, a proven methodology, and support, making a living in real estate in the “new economy” is going to be very hard.

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    See what employees are saying:

    Employee Testimonial The Dave Friedman Team: Jackie Moore

    Working with Dave has been one of the best experiences of my career in real estate. The thorough and detailed interview process allowed me to recognize my strengths and weakness as a realtor and that working with The Dave Friedman Team will allow me to grow. I have seen my business grow exponentially and thanks to the standards, systems, and training with DFT I have developed large goals for my future. The decision to choose to be a part of the DFT team has been the greatest decision thus far and I am looking forward to a very successful future!

    Employee Testimonial The Dave Friedman Team: Melissa Welch

    Dave Friedman’s consistent drive and determination is to ensure all aspects of the Dave Friedman Team performance goals are met. His interview process is extremely thorough to guarantee the candidates he hires are a good fit. Working for the Dave Friedman Team is not for the lackadaisical as the pace is fast and intense. Ideal candidates can think on their feet, multitask without missing a beat and are always trying to stay proactively ahead of the game.

    Employee Testimonial The Dave Friedman Team

    The Dave Friedman Team offers a wide array of tools and support for their agents, staff and clients. The customer focus is by far what drew me to working for DFT. He goes above and beyond to reach out and touch his customers. Whether you’re seasoned or new to the firm you will feel welcomed, encouraged and supported. He has established an excellent working culture. You should come check him out and find out why we all love working for him.

    Employee Testimonial The Dave Friedman Team: Katie McGhee

    Dave Friedman has been voted Best Realtor in Charleston for 2014. He got voted the best because he is very passionate about what he does. Dave understands what his clients like and want. When it comes to hiring a new member to come join his team he is very through to make sure that they would make a good fit. He wants to ensure that they are passionate and enjoy what they do. The Dave Friedman Team is a great team and we all work as a whole to make sure everyone is successful.